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tsPROicon.pngTap Studio and Tap Studio PRO represent the second generation of the Tap Studio line of music rhythm games.

We recommend Tap Studio 3 as it has all these features and more and is the future of Tap Studio.

Tap Studio Features

✔ Create and play taps for all the music on your iPod or iPhone
✔ 3 play modes (Classic, Vector, Horizon) with different graphics.
✔ Album artwork is part of the game play background!
✔ Access to Featured Taps from the Tap Vault! If you like what you see, buy the PRO Upgrade (or Tap Studio PRO standalone) and gain full access to the Tap Vault.
✔ Adjustable difficulty level setting that controls the playback speed.

Tap Studio PRO (and PRO Upgrade) Features

✔ Access to the Tap Vault containing user submitted taps for nearly any song imaginable! View details such as high scores and commented ratings!
✔ Tap Vault Library tab will automatically find song taps in the Tap Vault that match the music library on your device!
✔Tap Vault browsing features include:  Featured, Most Popular, Highest Rated, Artist, Username, and a simple one line Search.
✔ Landscape game play skin is available!
✔ 4th rail options for playing and recording in all modes!
✔ Share your best taps with the world!
✔ Send and receive Tap Challenges. Beat your friends high scores!


■ PLEASE NOTE that we do not store songs on our database, nor do we facilitate the sharing of songs. Tap Studio PRO simply uploads and downloads the tap data. Each user is required to have their own copy of the matching song on their device.

■ Tap Studio 3 matches song taps to songs by an exact match of song name, album name, and album artist name. If there is not an exact match found on your device, you will be given the option to purchase the song from iTunes (if available), or to browse your library to manually match the song. Be sure to choose the correct song or your taps may not line up properly!

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